About Measurement Systems

  • Measurement Systems’ ultrasonic milk analyzers are applied in the fields of milk collecting points, small dairy processing farms, veterinary and dairy laboratories and herd management. Our highly reliable devices meet the need for precise component testing of fat contents, protein, lactose, solids non-fat, milk density, proteins, salts, water content percentage, temperature, freezing point, pH, conductivity, total solids and titratable acidity with remarkable efficiency.
    Our measuring devices can be integrated directly into routine laboratory testing procedures and data processing, providing timely delivery of results with data storage options alongside. Measurement Systems strongly meets the need of dairies for highly accurate, precise and repeatable instrumentation when dealing with both quality testing and payment testing. Providing high-class service gives dairy farms the option to become self reliant on in-house expertise.
    Dairy plant laboratories and herd improvement will enjoy the careful, design-for-service, easy to use, portable, fast and accurate, with minimal power consumption, low cost maintenance and at a very reasonable price. We have developed into the leading instrument manufacturer in these technologies.

    Measurement Systems meets the increasing demands in these fields with a clear product philosophy based on a quotation from Aristotle:

    “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”

    In accordance with this principle we not only use high-quality components, but also place great value on their perfect interaction. We pride ourselves on producing high performance sensors and complete measuring systems for a full range of applications in farming and environmental research.